Climate of Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef


Located in the Wet Tropics, the region’s climate is hot and humid during summer months with mild, dry winters. The 'wet' season generally occurs during summer between January and March. From December to March, the monsoon trough is close to Cairns and brings with it hot, humid conditions and possible thunderstorms and tropical cyclones. The tropical cyclone season is normally from December to April but exceptions do occur. This however shouldn't put you off visiting, the people of Cairns continue their lives as normal during the wet season and it's definitely the time to visit and see some of the regions famous waterfalls in full flow!

From May to October, there are sometimes evening and overnight showers that generally dry off by the afternoon. The temperature in the Cairns region is fairly uniform, ranging from 23-32C in mid-summer and 18-28C in mid-winter.

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