Gay Beaches around Cairns


There are hundreds of beaches across the Far North but the only truly gay public beach is Buchans Beach just north of Palm Cove. It’s a nice stretch of sand that is protected from the coast road by rock cliffs. Clothing is definitely optional here, and you are sure to see beach goers of all shapes and sizes! There are some areas at the back of the beach where things have been known to get a little heated. The beach is easy to get to - but there are no signs on the road. Once you pass Palm Cove - on the road north to Port Douglas - you will go over the hill at Buchans Point, as soon as you get to the bottom of the hill there is a track and car park on the right hand side. Then you just follow the track to the beach. The further back towards Buchans Point you go, the more naked the beachgoers are.

The beach at Turtle Cove gay resort while open to the public (and is clothing option here as well) is usually less populated than Buchans Beach, and is mainly used by the guests staying at the resort. It does however have the bonus of being able to wander off the sand and straight into the resort bar for a cocktail or two!

Any of the beaches in the region are spectacular, but be careful in the summer months because of the Box Jellyfish that can be found in the water. Be sure to read any beach notices displayed by lifeguards or council.

The main beaches are patrolled by lifesavers and the nets you see out during the summer months at the more popular beaches are to protect you from the jellyfish.