Gay Cairns Bars and Clubs



cairns gay clubs

 While there is no gay specific 'nightclub' in Cairns there is no shortage of gay friendly bars and clubs where you can enjoy a drink or party the night away. If you just want a drink and soak up the surrounding atmosphere you need to head to:

Salthouse at the marina in Cairns. Located on the edge of the water at the marina it's a favourite with the locals, there are DJs and live entertainment playing chilled grooves most nights of the week. The 'Sunday sesh' late on Sunday afternoon is especially popular, and you can be sure to spot one or two gay locals enjoying the uber chic venue. There is also an excellent restaurant.

Looking to dance the night away then you best head to one of the inner city bars - Saturday night is the night to be out in Cairns, with a wide variety of different clubs including:

Velvet Underground is the biggest club in Cairns, located in The Reef Casino. There is a cover charge to get into the club, but you can spend all night in here with no need to leave. The club usually gets going after 12am and you can always be sure to find some new friends in here.

Gilligan’s is another club - attached to Gilligan’s backpackers, always full of backpackers as well as a few of the younger local gay crowd. These days it's hard to tell the difference and none more so than this location, so be sure the person you hit on is gay or you may end up with a little drama, having said that 99% of the time it’s safe. Everyone always has a good time at Gilliagans! 

Sugar Hut one of Cairns' newest nightclub venues on Lake St and you'll see if from the street with its vibrant coloured lights illuminating the way. With a strict dress code, the Sugar Hut was designed and is run to set new standards in Cairns clubbing. 

The Attic Lounge oozes sophistication while keeping a trendy and stylish feel that will leave you feeling like you have left this world and entered your own fantasy. Open every Friday and Saturday evening from 8pm until 5am.

Lyquid Nightlife Cairns' hottest new party destination. With premium, stylish bottle services, the latest in music and entertainment and of course that fresh new feel. If you are looking to party hard with a massive group of friends, Lyquid has everything you need to help you have the best nightlife experience.